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A Guide to the EN ISO 80079 Standard Series

2019-03-19 09:21 | Anonymous

From an interesting article from Element Materials Technology's website:

"With the implementation of the EN ISO 80079 standard series in 2016, manufacturers now have access to a truly global set of requirements for mechanical ATEX equipment. 

The release of EN ISO 80079 is significant because it addresses basic requirements and protection concepts for mechanical explosion protected equipment on an international level. Previous standards, in the EN 13463 series, had addressed mechanical explosion protection but were limited to use within Europe under the ATEX Directive. In contrast, the EN ISO 80079 series has global application and can be used within the extended scope of the IECEx scheme which now includes mechanical equipment.

The EN ISO 80079 series will replace the EN 13463 series under the ATEX directive after 31 October 2019."

Here is a link to the article by Simon Barrowcliff:

A Guide to the EN ISO 80079 Standard Series


  • 2019-04-01 16:06 | Hamish Baker
    Great to see this article on the NZSSE website. In my experience, Mechanical ignitions sources, as they relate to Hazardous Areas, are very poorly understood or considered in NZ either at client facilities or by OEM's. Hopefully, an ISO and standard with IECEX relevance will address this.
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