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Systems Thinking: Why it doesn't make workplaces safer

  • 2022-08-16
  • 12:00 - 13:00
  • Online via Zoom

Join the New Zealand Society for Safety Engineers to host Karl Bridges to present on Systems Thinking - Why it doesn't make workplaces safer... and why toast making is important.

Hearing a lot of talk about systems? Systems thinking this, systems thinking that! Is it enough to be thinking about the system? What is the system? Should the whole thing be placed in the too hard basket?

Karl plans to take you on a journey and explain why Systems Thinking does not make places safer, contrary to what you have been lead to believe.

Using his 20 years of experience, he will dispel some commonly held myths and show you how to ensure systems thinking works for you. He will help you demystify the mystical, defragment the mental spaghetti, and shape the proverbial square peg to fit in the round hole of your unique organisational challenges.

Speaker bio: 
Karl is Managing Director of a NZ based Human Factors Consultancy, HFEx Ltd. With 20 years experience of working in psychology and human factors, Karl will take us on a journey into what Systems Thinking is all about. Karl has used systems thinking techniques for various activities such as managing and administering medication, naval operations, deep trenching, prison services, firearms safety, SCADA systems, accident investigations, rail safety, freight terminal operations, and maritime safety. He is NZ Certified, HASANZ Registered, and a Fellow Member and Chartered Professional in the UK.


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