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WORKSAFE Duty Holder Reviews

  • 2020-10-07
  • 12:25 - 13:30
  • Online only with Adobe Connect

Do you know what a Duty Holder Review (DHR) is?

From WORKSAFE’s website: ”A Duty Holder Review is a review of an incident by a Duty Holder when an accident has occurred in the workplace. A Duty Holder Review is a type of regulatory response that WorkSafe New Zealand may decide on when reviewing an incident that has been notified.”

Article 39 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) imposes certain duties on designers of plant, substances, or structures.

Understanding how the DHR process works can sensitise us as designers to identify and eliminate, or at least minimise, the risk of injury in our designs.

Come and listen to the presentation by Neil Mookerjee, Manager Duty Holder Review, WorkSafe NZ.  You can expect to learn more about the following:

  • History of how and why the DHR process evolved within WorkSafe
  • Responsibilities of the DHR company and WorkSafe
  • The steps in a DHR with practical examples of prior DHR cases (privacy ensured)
  • What support WorkSafe offers to the DHR company and how they interact with each other
  • Steps taken if the DHR company does not meet its obligations
  • Materials available from WorkSafe to assist with the DHR process (template docs etc)

To register for this webinar, a free NZSSE event, please follow the link:


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