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  • Is Swiss Cheese Past Its Use-By Date?

Is Swiss Cheese Past Its Use-By Date?

  • 2018-07-19
  • 16:00 - 18:00
  • Auckland Town Hall

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The Swiss Cheese model is an influential – some might say ubiquitous – organising framework in the field of safety. Swiss Cheese also epitomises what has come to be known as Safety I thinking, where the focus is placed squarely on things that go wrong (i.e., failures, accidents, etc.). In the same way that food can only be kept so long before it goes off, an organising framework can also be thought of having a use-by date after which its value may diminish. Hillary will share her views on whether Swiss Cheese has reached its expiry point. The Safety II approach broadens the focus to consider the full range of possible outcomes: Things that go right, things that go wrong, and everything in between (i.e., routine, everyday performance).

The presenter Hillary Bennett is a registered psychologist with 35 years’ experience working with organisations across all sectors, nationally and internationally, to develop healthy and safe workplaces. She is a founder and  director of Leading Safety, a consultancy specialising in safety leadership, safety culture, human factors, and workplace health and safety.  Leading Safety operates on the premise that having the right safety mindset and practices is fundamental to achieving a safe and healthy workplace. Leading Safety has developed and implemented safety improvement and development processes in organisations from a variety of sectors in New Zealand and Australia, including: Construction, forestry, engineering, infrastructure, mining/quarrying, steel, oil and gas, manufacturing, distribution and health. Leading Safety works closely with the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum, which brings together leaders of New Zealand’s largest companies.

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